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UX Australia Presentation: ‘New Digital Ethnographers Toolkit: Capturing a Participant’s Lifestream’

Finally got around to putting my presentation from UX Australia up on Slideshare. Take a look, would love to hear any feedback you might have.  For a more detailed description of the background on this topic, please check out my previous post on the rationale to use digital cultural probes.


  • Cool presentation Chris! There are some fantastic ideas in there. Another tool that I’ve really enjoyed using of late has been Dan Brown’s concept models (although the text has become jumbled in the slideshare presentation for some reason).

    I think the process that you’ve outlined here would provide great input into this type of tool, or this tool could provide a good way of structuring the analysis of ethnographic data. When idea generation starts it would provide designers with a good understanding of the domain as well as users (personas) based on sound behavioural data.

  • Hey Lexi,

    Thanks for your kind words. Enjoyed looking through Dan Brown’s presentation, thanks for the link.

    You have a great point about the concept model. The study itself generates copious amount of data. The manifestation of the analysis can be a number of things. Since it’s heavily textual in content, the very-noun pairings can be extracted and used to generate a concept model. That would definitely work well.

    Hope you’re well Lexi, and enjoy your break over to the UK soon!

  • Will do! How’s it all going over there for you? Enjoying the football & kebabs?

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  • @Chris and Lexi

    Great information that both of you guys have here. Nice job! Thanks for the link, Lexi!

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