I’ve led design and innovations teams at some of Australia’s most recognised brands, including 2 of the top 3 banks in Australia: National Australia Bank (NAB) and ANZ Bank, as well as Australia’s largest energy company, Origin Energy, and News Corp, one of the largest media companies in the world). 

I feel really proud that collectively the products these teams worked on have reached more than two-thirds of the Australian population.

As well as creating great teams and experiences I’ve presented at international conferences and have contributed to books including ‘UX Storytellers’, ‘Observing the User Experience’ and ‘Lean User Research’.

I’ve also designed nuclear power-plant interfaces, immersive augmented reality environments, seismic simulators, AI agent systems and virtual worlds such as Second Life.

My work has won and been nominated for several national awards and I’ve judged on international design competitions. I am also a member of key industry advisory boards (ad:tech, AIMIA CX founding member etc).

From an academic perspective, I have a PhD in HCD/HCI and have led research at University College London, XeroxParc (Cambridge) and Loughborough University. All three of these institutions were deemed ‘World Class’ for HCI by the ‘International Computer Science Review’, and both universities are in the top 10 in the UK, with UCL being rated 4th in the world.

I’m one of the most endorsed UX leaders on LinkedIn (192).

More details about my career can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

Where I’ve Studied…

I’ve been really lucky with my training in that I’ve attended 3 institutions deemed world-class for HCI research at Loughborough University, University College London and Xerox EuroParc Lab (from International Review of UK Research in Computer Science).

Doctor Of Philosophy (PhD.), Computer Science, Loughborough University, UK
“The Design of a Multimedia Adaptive Interface for Process Control Using a Multi-Agent Approach”
I was also involved in two pan European research projects AMEBICA (ESPRIT) and PROSPECT (ACTS). This work took me all around Europe and the World.

Research Masters Degree (MRes), Telecommunications, University College London, UK
“A Service Engineering Approach To a Multimedia Recording and Playback Service”
This project involved designing usable Video Conference recording software which could be used in an open services market. This project was awarded a distinction.

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (BEng.(Hons)), Electronic Systems Design, Bournemouth University, UK
“The Design and Modelling Of A System of Coupled Oscillators”
This project used the biological phenomenon of firefly flash synchronisation to show that such a system could be applied to clock synchronisation in networks. This project was awarded a distinction.

Some Achievements…

  • As well as presenting at international conferences, I have also given several presentations at local conferences (including OZCHI in 2000, OZIA 2008, UX Australia 2009) and have published numerous papers in the HCI field.
  • Co-Author of UX Storytellers
  • I was the CHISIG leader for Victoria in 2007.
  • I was a member of the workshop panel held on Interfaces at: The Human Error and System Design and Management International Workshop, March 24-26 1999, Clausthal Technical University, Germany.
  • I was part of the organising committee for the: 18th European Annual Conference on Human Decision Making and Manual Control, October 25th – 27th 1999.
  • I was offered the Marie Curie Fellowship in Rome, awarded by the European Commission.
  • I was an invited keynote speaker on Man-Machine Interfaces at the 12th SURGE-Transport Plenary Meeting held in Brussels (SURGE – Transport is a trans-industry New Business and Technology Development Support Group and strategic decision-making process for the European Commission’s R&D funding body).