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Interaction Design Association Student Challenge 2012 – ‘Designing the Future of News’

I’ve was really pleased to be asked by Jeremy Yuille and Steve Portigal to be a judge on the ‘Interaction Design Associations 2012 Student Challenge’ on ‘Designing the Future of News’.

I’ll be joined from my colleague at the Wall Street Journal, Laura Holder (Deputy Design Director) as well as UX luminaries such as Elizabeth Churchill (Principal Research Scientists, Yahoo!) and Jenny Blackburn (Principle, Usability & User Research,

I’m hopeful we’ll see some good fresh idea come through.


  1. Doreen

    More information please on any innovative ideas that immerged from the students challenge ??

  2. Chris

    Sadly, I can’t comment on the ideas on which I judged, but from what I saw overall nothing really earth shaking came out unfortunately.

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