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Kangaroo Valley & Palm Beach

Well, it’s been far, far too long since I last posted anything (4 months actually – damnit).  But I fully intend to get back on the blogging horse and thrash it!

I’m loving the new job and have got into the Sydney groove. So, aside from plenty of big nights out, I’ve also done a fair bit of exploration too.

I won’t go into my customary level of detail, but I’ve had weekends away in the Blue Mountains and more recently Kangaroo Valley and Palm Beach.

Both places were fantastic and I had a fabulous time with my friends savouring the views and the odd sip of vino (or is that bottle). Kangaroo Valley is just lush and green, and we took time to go canoeing through some quite beautiful scenery. We were lucky enough to see a water snake, plenty of lizards, spiders, some weird birdlife and even a wombat!

Palm Beach is part of Sydney’s Northern Beaches and lies just under an hour outside of Sydney. It’s the filming location for ‘Home & Away’. So, does have a few tourists but nothing like Manly or Bondi. It’s a great place to spend a sunday afternoon, sunbathing, reading, swimming and body surfing. We also checked out Whale Beach which was even better by our reckoning. It’s definitely an area we all want to visit again.

Well, more details and maybe even some more UX stuff to come shortly.

Pics here!

Palm Beach

Kangaroo Valley

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  1. Tilly

    What a life its all go, poor old Chris!! Swimming, surfing ,sun bathing and reading Dear me I DO feel sorry for him !!!!!

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