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The Big Move: Melbourne to Sydney

After 2 fantastic years in Melbourne, it is with great sadness that I leave that amazing city and move on. A brilliant job opportunity at News Digital Media arose in Sydney that I just couldn’t resist. So, after a stressful few weeks of packing and saying my goodbyes, I got in the car and did the long and reflective drive to Sydney.

So here I am, I’ve managed to find somewhere to live in Pyrmont (see some pics), a few minutes walk from the new job and am slowly adjusting to my new surroundings. Sydney is a truly beautiful city, but it has its downsides. Transportation seems a bit less efficient than Melbourne, and the bars seem to close early (maybe I’ve been going to the wrong places!). Anyway, it’s early days yet, I’m hopeful that it will come to feel like home.


  1. Tilly

    Well Chris, you always seem to fall on your feet ! The new apartment looks fantastic with its views of the river, not so sure about the concrete buildings that surround it, but thats the BIG city for you. GOOD LUCK in your new job and life in Sydney I look forward to more of your musings from there, but must say like you I am going to miss Melbourne life.

  2. Nigel

    The flat looks great, I’ve been having the odd reflective moment about my imminent departure from Melbourne life. I’ve concluded that as lovely as Melbourne is, I’m not quite of the resigned, semi-retired mindset that I think happily living in Melbourne demands. I’d like to think that there is life in me yet….maybe

    I’ll be with you on September 10th. I can’t wait.

  3. Anne-Marie

    Hi chris, just done the same move… but the other way! We love Melbourne its a really great city.

    Enjoy the difference

  4. Christopherkhalil

    Hey Anne-Marie,

    You’ll LOVE Melbourne, it’s an awesome place. I do miss it, but starting to really enjoy the sunshine in Sydney…and beaches!

    Good luck with everything 😉

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