To see some pics of the trip, check out my photos page.

Had a brilliant weekend down at Wilsons prom, here in Victoria. We gathered together after work, and the girls went off ahead of us, and the lads followed a bit later. I drove the Beast – my 1987 Ford Laser – and faithful companion! It was a filthy evening, the rain hammered down all around us, and the journey was pretty hazardous. Visibility was really poor as we slowly made our way towards Sandy Point, our gateway to the Prom. Three hours later we cruised in, and the girls were ready and waiting, wine in their hands!

We had a few drinks, and put the BBQ on, eating some really delicious food (as we did all weekend) that Lisa made. I was knackered and hit the sack around 130am, but the others kept going until well into the night.

We awoke to grey skies, the rain still pouring heavily. With little else to do, we cracked open the beers. We had a fine day, drinking and chatting on the veranda waiting for the rain to stop. Eventually, the skies tired of the rain, and the sun emerged.

Mark, Anna and myself headed down to Sandy Point Beach (not for the last time that day, more of that to follow…) Sandy Point has this incredible surf beach, rugged and wild, it reminded me of my home in North Wales, where our house overlooks the wild Irish sea. It was a stirring moment, after we’d taken it all in, we headed home.

The BBQ was turned on again, and a delicious meal was concoted by Lisa, we had lamb shanks, prawns, sardines and chicken wings all marinaded in wonderful sauces. As the night drew on, Mark, Anna and myself decided to head to the beach. This turned into a bit of an adventure!

To reach Sandy Point beach you have to make your way through scrubland, bush and miles of sand. In the dark of night, it took some doing to get there. We didn’t even make it to the beach! The closest we got was a lookout point. We gazed ahead of us and up, at the glorious night sky in concert with the roar of the ocean. After some time, we were getting a bit cold and decided to head back. This was much, MUCH easier said than done! Needless to say we got horribly lost as we snaked our way through branches, marshland and the wilderness.

It really was dark, Mark burnt his fingers trying to keep the sole supply of light, a single lighter alive. It melted on his fingers and we were left wandering in the dark.

After HOURS we eventually found a road. The relief was incredible! We had a cheeky glass of wine to celebrate, but still had to decide which way to go. We saw a faint glow in the distance to our left and followed this, until we eventually found our way home (more by luck than design). It was now after 5am! If we weren’t so tipsy I’m sure we would have freaked out.

The next day, we packed up and headed to Wilsons Prom in glorious warm weather. It’s an incredible place, possibly the most beautiful place I’ve seen in Australia. It’s flanked by high mountains and is incredibly green and lush, a real haven from the general brown land that is currently Victoria (in the throws of a drought). We parked up, and hiked our way to Squeaky Beach, walking past dark Tea Tree lagoons, and lush green bush.

It’s a truly stupendous place, the sand is pure, brilliant white. It’s so called because the sand does actually squeak under your feet. It’s a multi-sensory experience. The sand is composed of white quartz and was once known as the singing sands due to noise it creates. We strolled down the beach, took in the clean air and vowed to return another day.

We then headed home, after a just fantastic weekend. Victoria really can be everything to everybody.