Golden Beach

A few pics can be found on my Golden Beach pics page (more to follow).

Just got back from a truly wonderful weekend away (it was a long weekend here in Victoria due to Labour day). Five friends and I set off for Ninety Mile beach, to a sleepy little hamlet called Golden Beach. A few hours out of Melbourne, it’s is a real find. It has dramatic surf and long golden sands. Upon arrival we cracked open the beer and headed down for the beach, where we paddled and played a great game of cricket! We then headed back for the apartment and sat on the veranda drinking and chatting. As the night wore on we decided to take a moonlight stroll down the beach. The night sky was like nothing else I’ve ever seen. The firmament above was aglow with countless stars, it was a humbling feeling just to look up. I can honestly say, I don’t think I’ve ever seen quite so many stars (the closest I’ve got was high up a mountain in the Pyrenees). We drank a few glasses of wine and watched a blood moon rise over the roaring ocean.

The next day, was one of complete relaxation. We watched a couple of movies and then decided a spot of exercise was in order, so went for a game of golf. It would be fair to say that my team took a bit of a hammering which I must admit to not taking too well. I think the others picked up the subtle vibes I was giving off by the way I was throwing the golf clubs around! Still, it was only the second time that I’d played and I was more frustrated with myself than anything else. Come the evening we had a BBQ, a few more beers and chatted well into the night. A bit tipsy, we decided to have a game of Cranium. This was incredibly good fun but yet again we lost (it was very close).

On our last day, we had a fry up, enjoyed the sunshine and had one last game of golf, where I have to say I improved immeasurably 🙂 As long as I feel that I’m improving at something I enjoy it, so this was quite a different game for me than the day before. My team mates, Erica and Wayne were a great help, they were very patient and taught me a lot.

So, now I’m home and I’m already thinking about the possibility of the next weekend away, and reflecting on the great weekend past. But mostly I’ve been thinking about the those stars. They really were something else….