Went to St Kilda festival over the weekend, this was my first opportunity to experience this famous event (it was cancelled last year, I think due to the Commonwealth Games). In the morning it seemed like the Gods had frowned upon us, with some early rain and grey clouds. However, by lunch time the sun was out again, and the crowds started milling into the area.

The festival itself had so much going on, with areas set aside for bands, rides and my personal favourite, extreme games. We checked out the skateboarding, wakeboarding and BMX events, which were fabulous. As the day work on, the wind picked up, and we got fatigued by the ever increasing mass of people. So, we went back to my place, and opened up a few beers. Loads of friends were passing through and called in, before we knew it we had a mini gathering on our hands!

It was a really great day, and the vibe in the area was amazing. Melbourne truly is a place that lives on events such as these. Barely a weekend goes by without some event happening in the city. Next up the Grand Prix….

Check out my pictures of the day.